ABC Family iPhone App Review

Hello and welcome to this edition, if I use this app. In today’s review, we’re gonna be going over a free app called ABC family. I have it installed for us already, so let’s open it up and jump right in. ABC family by ABC is available free to download in the App Store, it’s a go-to app for anyone who’s addicted to many of the great shows on the ABC network.

The app offers a lineup of shows scheduled listings show times closed, captioning pull episodes and even a viewing history to lets you track the episodes that you’ve already watched iTunes. It describes the app saying watch full episodes of your favorite ABC Family original, like Pretty Little Liars, The Secret Life of an American teenager switched at birth and more.

And best of all, it’s free with that in mind. Let’s jump into the features. I’ll walk us through some hands-on features, here with an ABC Family. So from the main screen, here we start off at the featured page, we can scroll down and see all of the featured shows switched at birth pretty little liars, twisting baby, daddy and so on.

So for example, if we wanted to choose Melissa and Joey, we could just simply tap on watch the latest episode, and that brings us right into the episode. We’ll give it a minute to load here, let us know. But it’s presented with limited commercials, give it the countdown here. This is flawless quality, the streaming is great, the sound is great and the picture quality is amazing.

So when we’re done, we can do simple hit stop. It brings us right back out and we can go to schedule. Now we can visit the schedule here for Sunday, Monday going on and let’s say we want to watch Thursday at June 27th. And see what’s going on, we can see a timeline of everything, that’s going on.

So for example, if we wanted to watch that 70s show, we can get some information on it, it tells us all about the show, we can just hit close here. Next we’ll go to all shows, this is a way for you to scroll, right through and find all of the shows that are on ABC.

Next, if you have an account, you just set this up, this is your history, and you can see here. We saw Melissa and Joey, and that’s the history, there with a viewing progress bar. And then, lastly more, just gives you feedback help and information that basically covers all the features. So let’s jump into the wrap-up.

I’m gonna give ABC family 10 out of 10 stars. The app is flawless, and you get quick easy access to full episodes of your ABC Family shows. And if you miss an episode, you can watch it right from your iOS device with much less commercial than you have on TV. Sure, it’s only the most two recent episodes. But it’s free with perfect picture quality.

What did you think about it? Let us know this, concludes this edition of I use this app. As always thanks for watching, be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe on all our videos, and we’ll see in the next review.